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Streaming in a new world

Streaming isn't new, but in todays world it's becoming a must for schools, houses of worship, and even musicians and DJ's 


  • A good internet connection

  • A camera

  • A solid audio source

  • A computer 


Internet Connection 

There are two different internet speeds. UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD. To stream you want to focus on UPLOAD speed, because that's what you are doing, you're uploading sound and video to the internet. Your popular streamers stream @ 1080p, starting out you should aim for at least 720p. To stream consistently at a 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps  you need about 5 mbps of constant upload speed. We also suggest you use a hard line or ethernet connection NOT wifi. 



There are so many different camera's out there. PTZ, Static, GoPro, Video, so on and so forth, and then there is how it's connected. USB, HDMI, S-Video... and the list goes on. Unlike the internet connection this part gets a little more complicated. Depending on your application and the type of show you are looking to do, depends on the type of camera or camera's will best work for you. Rexroat Sound can take a lot of that hassle out of your hands and find the PERFECT camera for you. With our large list of vendors we have what your looking for. 

Microphone Sound Editing


Here we go... Rexroat Sound is first and foremost a sound company, and AUDIO is where we beat the competitionGood audio is a must. Nothing makes people turn off your podcast or video cast quicker than POOR audio. A good microphone is where you start. For a simple podcast a good usb mic is fine. But when you are talking multiple microphones for bands, or multiple presenters, then you need a little more in depth setup. A mixer, an audio interface, stands, possibly a few headsets, It all depends on what you are going for. Our sales staff is constantly familiarizing itself with the latest and greatest in the audio biz. 



A computer is the brain of the operation.

This is where everything comes together. You will first need the right video software. There are a lot out there, and it can get overwhelming. OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is the most popular, it's powerful, with an easy learning curve, best of all it's FREE. Other popular programs are Vmix, and Xsplit, these however are not free, but they are a little higher in quality than OBS. Having the right computer is essential to streaming, this is where all your equipment is connected and is broadcasted onto the web. Depending again on the type of service you are providing depends on the type of equipment, programs, and how much power you need to produce a successful, and hassle free stream. The team at Rexroat Sound will guide you through the type of programs will best suite you, as well as setup and train you and your staff to produce a great streaming program. 

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